16 December Victory Day in Bangladesh and Bijoy Dibosh

December 15, 2014 4:46 pm

Victory day by Atiqur Rahman16 December means Bangladesh Victory Day. I think December month 1-30 day was a great every victory day. If you hope that. Today was a great victory month starting December. For nine long months of struggle and of the blood of a martyred 30 million annually in exchange for mothers and sisters sambramera nation had expected them to victory. This year Victory day enthusiasm of the Victory fo gravity in thought the month will be observed.

Bangladesh long time of history in the political liberation war of 1971, this is one of the greatest events. The great name of hero armed struggle for independence “Bongo-Bondu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” one of the historical events through the Bengali nation in a few thousand years are met in the social, political Victory dream.

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This day Bangladesh Government and private office is a national holiday celebrated on December 16 to commemorate the victory day. Bangladesh Liberation War and 1971 Bangladesh genocide and officially secession of East Pakistan into Bangladesh.images text

Celebration Show:
This day will be held on the conquest of the details of the various organizations. At Bangabandhu Avenue start combined supporter rally , group rally or welcomed the Victory of the month celebrated by Candlelight, and various song, video, play, and the national flag hosting.Victory Day images

This day (16 December) at the Pakistani troops were forced to surrender for the Bangladesh historic Racecourse ground (at now or present “Suhrawardy Udyan”). Bangabandhu “Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” where on 7 March, from the architect. All Bangle subject to sulogun ‘This Struggle is the struggle for freedom for the independence as call for independence’, where signature for the document 9-months bloody war, the final Victory is achieved an Bangladesh. The race to achieve the dream of a thousand years.

The Victory day celebration for Bangladesh no this day celebration world many country such as example, this day for willian in KOlKATA in the INDIAN ARMY to attend the eeremony jonining the Bangladesh War hero 27 fighters attend. On 16th of December, 1971 not just the Bangladeshis but also the Bengalis on the Indian side celebrated the Birth of “Bangladesh”. who laid down their lives protesting against the tyrannical and racist Pakistani Rule.people Text image

Victory Day this year in the field during the war, has been refurbished to a new place tyankake.This was the victory of the Bengali spirit – a nation of Bengalis ruled by Bengalis. This joy was short-lived as revelation of the cold blooded “Killing of Bengali Intellectuals”– About 300 Bengali Intellectuals among which were several teachers, doctors, engineers, journalists, artists, poets, scientists and litterateur were captured by the traitor forces ( ) & and were ruthlessly kille. According to the Indian army, the commander of the war, he took part in the liberation of India also have been invited.Bijoy 1971