Bangladesh Bank For The Notices Basic Bank MD’S.

February 27, 2014 9:21 pm

The state to protect the interests of depositors or the public sector Basic Bank Managing Director ( MD ) Kazi Fakhrul Islam, Bangladesh Bank has notice . Overview Central Bank Bank Group – Wednesday from the Bank Company Act, 1991, section 46 of the Basic Bank reached through this notice has been given special messenger. To respond to the notice within the time limit of March next year has been 20.

Chairman of the Bank Act, section 46 , are given the power to remove a director or chief executive of the Bangladesh Bank . Copy of the notice has been sent to the finance ministry, Bank and Financial Institutions Division secretary. Basic bank of at least three and a half billion dollar loan irregularities discovered by Bangladesh Bank. These multiple meetings with the Ministry of Finance in writing and are taken up by the finance minister.

Many of the central bank loans to the Managing Director Email. Due to irregularities in the central bank ‘s board of directors and management of the Basic Bank signed a MoU with the authorities take . Several different cases that bitaranasaha samajhotate loan is a limitation. Although the bank has not followed the MoU conditions.
Kazi Fakhrul Islam notice when talking about his mobile phone was switched off . Banking Secretary M Aslam Alam , he did not have any notice of that period . Managing Director of the charges against the mother- Tex loan irregularities among the Gulshan branch . Bangladesh Bank report has said , it’s in the paper business . Similarly Gulshan branch has further informed that the SPA and iephaesa enterprise organizations. These three corporations are the real beneficiaries casita A Shamim .

These organizations offer three 17 core bank loan Gulshan Branch has any recommendations. The next day after sending the proposal to the Board of Directors of the Bank approved the loan. Without ignoring the experience again , just 18 months into byankatite policy sub- Managing Director ( DMD ) was a former army officer . Given the fact that the notice referred to in this promotion is emailed yesterday.
Sent to the Ministry of Finance of the Bangladesh Bank report was brought serious allegations against the Board .

It was said , by opposing the board ‘s head office credit committee to verify the loan approval . It has been said , ’40 by domestic scheduled banks The Board took the decision process is not observed .”Three loans have been approved by the Board meeting of 11 lakh 43 thousand 493 core . Which have been the most rain serious irregularities? This loan payment or the realization that the central bank is unlikely