Bangladesh National University Masters First Part-1 Exam Date Published 2011

March 29, 2014 7:01 pm

All Bangladesh National University has been already published Examination Routines for Masters part-1 for 2011. The Master Exam began 11 April 2011. Any because National University authority change the exam date and time scheduling.

National University 2011 applicant’s first exam begun 11 April 2014, Our country all University master exam date download the national University web site and site and any other result and jobs curricular, popular News admission information and bank Jobs curricular are etc.


The Exam Date and Time schedule:

Masters first part-1 exam date first exam date 11 April 2014 and last exam date 6 May 2014. Every candidate is know the master exam time schedule Already published.

The Masters Exam Season 2011 Routine Summary:

11/04/2014: Masters First Paper.

12/04/2014: Masters First Paper.

18/04/2014: Masters Second Paper.

19/04/2014: Masters Second Paper.

25/04/2014: Masters Third Paper.

26/04/2014: Masters Third Paper.

02/05/2014: Masters 4th Paper.

03/05/2014: Masters 4th Paper.

03/05/2014: Masters 5th Paper.

06/05/2014: Masters 5th Paper.

Please Download The PDF File

Just Exam I am write the exam date you download the Total subject and cord Information par date to according the exam. Every candidate downloads the pdf file.


  1. Every examine applicant with your admit card and other information or good exam preparation in exam hole.
  2. Practical Exam and Viva exam date time and center inform it.
  3. Practical Exam date and Viva exam date and center Only for you collect it.
  4. And Exam Information or other Information collected the University web site or You get him.

You can get your Masters Exam information and Master exam result Published in this site. You gate social commutation site Facebook web site link written your facebook search option. Thank You all.