Child Sex Workers Brazil World Cup Trap |( BRAZUKA) 2014 FIFA

January 7, 2014 4:53 pm

Around the World Cup in Brazil fallen quite harness the harness . This asaratike trying to make the most colorful football is unabated. A large number of businesses , resulting in the arrival of foreign tourists – are expected to be the Brazil banijyerao euphoria . But the World Cup is over , all of which are positive . Let’s have sex – a billion dollar business for tourism . Child Sex Workers in Brazil and the businesses fall into the trap .

There will be a risk of the child sex workers during the World Cup lips . To prevent damp to come to this profession young girls body bikonora some steps are being taken . But it could play a role in how effective it has been until now a big question mark .
As children of sex workers in Brazil cities are currently using . The During big events like Carnival or New Yearjoy had increased at an alarming rate in the presence of children as prostitutes . So that it can be increased fixture in the World Cup can not be spared as the people concerned .

Brasil girl meet the needs of foreign tourists. The young girl ‘s body is in the way of business brokers in Brasil city. It really concerns santosake joseleno bhiyeira Dus . Against the use of children as sex workers who are working . He told Reuters in an interview recently , ‘ World Cup host cities, we are concerned about the use of child sex workers . In coordination with the government as much as possible , we ‘re trying to prevent it . ”

Brasil prime minister this mater is a simple meter, There is considerable confusion about. World Cup center for almost five thousand million dollars will be invested in the Brazilian economy. Is mostly in the stadium, transportation and other infrastructure construction. One million dollars will be spent advertising. Considers very small amount of money to be allocated to these children in the way to prevent of prostitution.

This year’s World Cup in Brazil in six million foreign tourists are expected to arrive . They do cost money , such as the Brazilian currency in Brazil during the 5 billion ( one thousand 100 million U.S. dollars). This jhanajhanani hotel – will tempt motelagulokeo sex workers temporarily employed . Established in Brazil has the red light areas of the country as well as tourism.

Increasing World Cup prize money:
Trophy in pride , pride , honor . Donated with huge respect , but not less . Let ‘s name the prize money if you do not like to take one’s eyes , why ? Good for parties – the growing reluctance of the prize money of nearly one – third . World Cup in South Africa , where the total prize money of $ 4 million , it is the increase of $ 56 million.
FIFA General Secretary Jerome increase in prize money guaranteed ax bhalake theory says , compared with the last World Cup , it will be at least 33 percent of the praijamanite huge increase . FIFA’s finance committee meeting yesterday, the Brazilian states of up to ankata to make sure . Total prize money is going to rise naturally enhances Champion – Prize runner-up team . World champion Spain was 3 010 million dollars , almost 4 billion dollars to Brazil ‘s World Cup champion team .

Venue To venue Length:
I can go by bus or rail . Somehow it is impossible for two reasons . One . Distance one venue to another venue . Two . Worn-out condition of roads and railways . Brazil’s group stage matches just to see if the face ‘ traveling ‘ will . Brazil’s opening match in Sao Paulo , Fortaleza and from the distance of about 370 kilometers venue for the next match . Brasiliyaya for the next match to go back to 1700 km . Buses can even take 4 hours ! More importantly , so long enough for tour buses , paved road, rail is even better . Akasapathai 17 times larger than Spain at the World Cup in a country speaking only hope so.