Chittagong Government School and High School Admission Result Published

December 23, 2014 9:49 am

Chittagong Board Class Five and Class Eight Admission Result Published. The fifth and eighth grade public school admission test results have been published. The fifth and eighth grade test was held last Saturday. At 1 pm on Sunday night, the result is expressed in all schools from the district administration. Admission Result Published By Chittagong won education web site.

According to the district administration, nine public schools in the class five 1,960 seats and admission applicants number of the9,346 children revealed bhartiyuddhe students. Accordingly, every seat in the class of 5 students to compete.

School, High-school All Admission Result (2014)

On the other hand, the number of vacant seats of the total 129 seats in three schools in the eighth grade. 1 of 10 people identified as thousands took part in the test. She was more than 9 seats in the eighth grade.

Chittagong Districts All School and High-School Admission Result Here

Bakolia Govt Class 5 Boys.
Bakolia Govt High School Class 5
Bakolia High Class 8 Girls.doc
Chittagong govt Girls school class 5.
Chittagong Govt High School.
Collegiate School.doc
Muslim High School.
City Govt Girls School class 5.
Class 8 Bakolia Girls.
Class 8 City Govt Girls.
Haji Mohammad Govt High School Class 5.
Khastogir 5 Girls.
Muslim High School.
Muslim Class 8 Boys.
Nasirabad Govt High School.

According medhakrama admission test results to the district administration has been uploaded to the website, as well as questioning the administration of the school notice board hung sources. Every School And High-School Result fiend the Chittagong District Web site visit then your accept result download.