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December 16, 2014 7:15 am

Comilla University ImageComilla University total three A, B and C units admission test result and seat plan 2015 to gets the published in university web site and notice board. Comilla University 2014-15 Admission exam Date and time published A unit Exam 17 December (10:00 – 11:00) held on, B unit 17 December (3:00 – 4:00), and C unit exam 18 December, 2014 (10:00 – 11:00) held on and all unit result published here.
Other hand Admission details information submit by official web page gets.

honorable news collected. Admission seat plan information know to University help line and newspaper published. Every candidates present in admission test (9.00 Morning) hole face and afternoon (2.00) admission test hole present now.

Comilla university admission test and first year honors season 2014-15 exam date start (17/ 12/ 2014) and admission test ending (18/ 12/ 2014). Approximated admission test deadline and 1 week later will be published Comilla university admission MCQ test all unit result announces by university authority.

Comilla University (A-C) Unit Result 2014-15

Seat Plan 2014-15

Comilla University admission test date and time schedule and time duration:
A) A unit Exam – (17/12/2014) at 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM (1 hours Duration )
B) B Unit Exam – (17/12/2014) at afternoon 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM (1 hours Duration)
C) C Unit Exam – (18/12/2014) at 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM ((1 hours Duration).

Comilla University A Unit Inform: Comilla University A unit admission test 100 marks held on. In which English-15, Bangla-10, Physic- 25, Chemistry-25, and Math-25, Biology-25. Candidates will be able to answer their own math or biology.
Any applicant if only figures Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy subject like that candidates tats the Biology section question fill-up. A unit of the student in order to be considered for admission to the subject matter of mathematics will answer.

A Unit Faculty of Science Total Seat (350):
1. Math-60
2. Computer Science and Engineering- 50
3. Information and Communication Engineering- 50
4. Physic- 50
5. Statistics- 50
6. Chemistry- 50 and
7. Pharmacies- 40 total seven faculties in A Unit.

B Unit Faculty of Arts & humanities / Social Science Total Seat (330):
1. Bangla- 55
2. English- 60
3. Economic- 60
4. Public Administration- 60
5. Anthropology- 55 and
6. Archaeology- 40 total candidates 330 person. B unit 100 number exam held on English- 25, Bangla-25, and General Knowledge- 10 and subject wise 40 marks.

C Unit Faculty of Business Studies (230):
C unit applicant 100 marks exam, English- 20, Bangla- 10, Accounting- 25, Business study and Banking- 25, Analytical Ability & Critical Reasoning- 20, C Unit subject:
1. Accounting and information system- 60
2. Marketing- 60
3. Fineness and Banking- 50 and
4. Management Studies- 60

2014 year first year applicant admission submits date was on 10th September 2014 and application closing date was 7 November, 2014 and application fees were only “Five Handsets Taka” per application form.

Comilla University and education environment and teacher tech system is very nice and comilla weather in very good so any student easy massing the environment. If you want to more in formation then visit web and result gets on our Facebook fan page and search the online. It is my communities’ pages and comment Facebook fan page. Thanks to all my visitor