Historic Tent’h Parliament National Elections Bangladesh 2014 Final Result

January 5, 2014 8:01 am

All Bangladesh people are very most memorably day 5 January, 2014. 5 January morning 8.00pm starting voat and select Bangladesh 10th parliament Election and final Result announce after 4.00 to 5.00pm for Bangladesh all centers

Circuit of the 10th National Assembly elections being held today, January 5. However, with the exception of the years a lot has happened. Before the elections, 153 candidates won uncontested majority to pass. The presence of the voter and the seats are very very low. Not taking part in the election of international observers.

Awami Lieague: 104 Seat
JAPA: 13 Seat
Shatantro: 4 Seat
Workars Prity: 9 Seat
Jashod: 02 Seat
Other: 16 Seat

Tenth Parliament elections in history ‘ Deadly ‘ will be marked as selected. Statistics say before the election before the election, there was no other country is so large loss events. On November 25, the day after the announcement of the election schedule from last year, on Saturday, the main opposition BNP -led coalition has organized six phases of the 26 -day siege. 1 in 3 people have died across the country in the period 15 February 1996 the party was a one-sided election violence that killed so many people . Surrounding the election of 1996, 41 people died in violence across the country. 001 eighth parliamentary elections of October 1 of the previous week Election centers least 38 people were killed in the violence, one of at least 672 people were injured. Dominant selective areas, such as the display was pesisakti because this violence. Bacharajure was a lot of political violence. Has selected 2008 of the most stable in the nation . Before the election – a direct reflection of the violence that took place there . 2008 Only four people died in political violence in the whole bacharajure .

Election Centers  violence, political violence , as well as the highest number since the death of 2013 years . Statistics says , bacharajure war crimes judgment and the end of the year , announced the election schedule unilateral blockade of the political opposition and allies around the year 507 people died , 407 people were injured when thousands merchant . While being held, and then there are many questions about the merits of taking the election. The main reason is because most of the major opposition parties participated in the elections are not dalasaha . But he said there had already been selected to retain for a long time could not choose. In this Election, but now it is not so much the result of the election which took away my hand.