How to Challenge Your Exam Paper by Technical Education Board

May 7, 2014 6:49 am

Today held a Board meeting in Technical Education Board about result Publication. Diploma-In-Engineering at the end of the meeting – in – Textile Engineering 013 results are displayed on the website of the Board.If any Diploma-In-Engineering student challenge your exam paper as follow the rules. I hope that Diploma Result change.

The results challenge the boards should be done for which
– It is good to know. Required Documents’

1 .Admit photocopy of the card;
2. Registration card Photocopy and
3. Published online in your Print results sheets Copy (If you challenge the subject at It will be marked)
Note that, first of all Documents First Class gazette officer (Government Polytechnic Institute Instructor) attested by Will be.
☞ Then including all Documents Polytechnic Institute Contact the Registrar’s Office Will.
☞ Registrar’s Office Challenge to the Board for Prescribed form Subject to challenge by the name of simply fill in the appropriate form with the code Will.
☞ Press the Form of Place in your department Chief and your Polytechnic Principal of the institute’s Signature Will take and Registrar Office will submit.
☞ Board of Registrars Next to perform activities Will. In this case determined by the Board Fee (approximately 300/ to 450/- per issue Money and issue up to a maximum of 3) there will apply. Bangla Document’s download PDF

This year Diploma Result is very sad. Tomorrow is going to be released on 6 May, 2014 Diploma – in – engineering test results of 2013 are published here.