HSC And Equivalents All Board Result 2014 Bangladesh

August 10, 2014 3:15 pm

Bangladesh Educationboardresult.gov.bd Hsc result 2014 published 13 August, 2014 at reining year. HSC means higher education certificated. Bangladesh education first step SSC and Second Step HSC Certificated. This year HSC exam candidate total 11, 41, 37 parsons. And Bangladesh Education board 10 and Board names Dhaka, Jessore, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Comilla, Syllet, Dinushpur, Barisal, Madrahsa, and Technical Education board.

Result announces in same date and same time. This year HSC Exam starts on 3rd April, 2014. But Bangladesh Political Problem face because Exam do not Fixed time end. You have known hsc exam already two time changed and hsc written exam end time Bangladesh time 5 June 2014. And practical exam date 7 June to 16 June.

This year total candidates were absent 9, 297 of the first day of Higher Secondary (HSC) Total General Education Boards 8. General Board Total Applicants 212,311,

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8 May, 2014 HSC Exam Information :

Number Board Name Center Number Total Applicants Particepate Applicants Apsent Total Performance
1 Dhaka 306 81,2079 80,520 759 Good
2 Rajshahi 180 23,756 23,485 271 Good
3 Comilla 171 25,057 24,970 143 Good
4 Jessore 206 19,981 19,674 307 Good
5 Chittagong 92 10,158 10,012 146 Good
6 Sylhet 73 18,490 18,247 243 Good
7 Barisal 87 13,864 13,733 131 Good
8 Dinushpur 178 19,726 19,552 174 Good
9 Madrahsa 408 99,054 98,592 462 Good
10 Technical 64 6739 6725 14 Good
Total 1,765 318,102 315,496 2,606

This year total hsc candidates Participate Students of Dhaka Board one 81,279. Rajshahi board total hsc candidates Participate Students 23,488. Jessore board total hsc candidates Particepat Students 19,674. Comilla board total hsc candidates Participate Students 24,970. Chittagong board total hsc candidates Participate Students of 10,021. Sylhet board total hsc candidates absents three hundred seventy three.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board and Four thousand three hundred twenty eight (4,321) candidates under Diploma-in-Business Studies (DIBS). Besides, 182 students have registered to appear in five foreign centers. The HSC exam 2014 began on 3rd April this year. The examinations were held in 2,288 centers across the country under 10 education boards including madrasah and technical boards.

Total HSC Board Name and Web site:

i. Dhaka Education Board and Web site dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd find result

ii. Jessore Education Board and Web site jessorebord.gov.bd find result

iii. Rajshahi Education Board and Web site rajshahiboard.gov.bd find result

iv. Comilla Education Board and Web site comillaboard.gov.bd find result 

v. Sylhet Education Board and Web site sylhetboard.gov.bd find result

vi. Dinajpur Education Board and Web site dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd find result

vii. Chittagong Education Board and Web site chittagongboard.gov.bd find result

viii. barisal  Education Board and Web site barisalboard.gov.bd find hsc result

ix. Madrasha Education Board and web site bmeb.gov.bd find result and

x. Technical Education board and Web site bteb.gov.bd find result

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