Jagannath University E and A Unit Seat Plans for Admission

September 11, 2014 8:18 am

Jagannath University admission Seat plane published already A units and E Units seat pane details. Jngannath University admission test held on A units 12 September 2014 total 30 exam center agreement for Jagannath University authority committee. A Unit Exam start on Up to from 3 pm to 4 pm at 30 minutes Jagannath University (jabi) 201415.

The academic year in respect of the 1st year honors ‘A’ unit admission test will be held. The ‘A’ unit of 790 seats (745 in science, the other -45 T) of the 61,459 students will participate in the admission test. On the other hand, will be held on Saturday 13 September, ‘E’ unit admission.

Admission to the Roll of A Unit Seat Plans and Center Name:
Ideal School and College, from 1100001 to 1105000 (MOTijhill)

Motijheel Model High School and College form 1105001 to 1108500 (Motijheel Colony)

Form 1108501 to 1110300 Motijheel Gov Girl High School. (Motijheel )

From 11103001 to 1111800 Motijheel Gov Girl High School (Motijheel )

From 1111801 to 1113300 Anowara Begum Muslim Girls’ High School and College (Nazimuddin Road

Sheikh borahanuddina Post Graduate College From 1113301 to 1115300 (Nazimuddin Road)

From 1115301 to 1118300 Begum badarunneccha Government Women’s College (Bakshibazar)

A Unit All Seat Plan And Center Name
A and E Unit Seat Plan and Center Name

1118301 to 1119800 Engineering School and college for (Buet Campus) .
In contrast, the three-storey building on Saturday afternoon, 13 September 2014, from 3 pm to 4 pm for 30 minutes in honor of the 1st year for the academic year 201415 ‘E’ unit admission test will be held. The ‘E’ unit 100 seats (open to all branches) will participate in the 2,502 student admission. JNU E Units total capacity 100 seat.

Admission to the Roll of E Unit Seat Plans and Center Name:
1500001 To 1501233
Jagannath University Art Departments

1501234 To 1502039 Jagannath University Language Martyr Rafiq Building.

Jagannath University from 1502040 To 1502503 Business Faculty (New Building)

Admission (Admit Card) will not be able to participate without any test. Day of admission exams SSC / HSC or equivalent examination with pictures daunalonakrta original registration card and two copies of admission of admission (Admit Card) if the test will bring. Must submit to an review and will save another copy.

Higher ‘Science’ section of students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics 4 (four) will give the answer. Biology or Mathematics at HSC there are none of them in English and they are both in English and banlasaha 4 (four) will give the answer.

Test cell mobile phone and can be contacted with any electronic device is unlicensed to keep. To test if there is anything that the student will be not expelled.