Jessore University Admission Exam Date And Around The University Location.

March 11, 2014 1:38 pm

Jessore University of Science and Technology admission exam held on 14 March 2014, JUST admission exam are much let because Bangladesh political and Bangladesh Historic Tent’h Parliament National Elections of Bangladesh and harlot and oborat are etc any problem.

Admission Exam Date 14 March, 2014.
Jessore only one university the university name JUST (Jessore University of Science and Technology). jessore mane town to University distant 20 kilometer and west. University Exact location name “Ambottola” in upajalla name Chowgachha.

Chowgacha and Ambottala University distant 12 Kilometter. Chowgachha Towen is very small. I thinks so it is very good location.Chowgachha Upojala charmane name ““Kother vy””. He is good person. Already he is First time+Second time= Two Time chairman.

“JUST” Near a Small Market/fair name “”Showloya Bazaar””.

Every candidate is Know Tow Unit are divided A Unit and B Unit. A Unit and B Unit Exam date same, and time schedule just change. A Unit exam time afternoon 3.00 PM held on.  B Unit Exam time Morning 10.00AM held on.

 Why Famous Jessore District.

Download the PDF File  JUST University A Unit And B Unite Seat Plan and Center

A Unit

B Unit

Jessore District are famous because khajuragachera ribbons and koi fish is manehara chanama hol.

University faculty and Inform:

Jessore University of Science and Technology, JUST Academic Building, JUST Administrative Building, JUST TSC & Cafeteria, JUST Dormitory, JUST Central Mosque, JUST Gallery/Auditorium, Vc’s Residence, Medical Center, Bank and Post Office. The Two hostel boys and girl One Hostel and nice play two field.

Is more information collected by University website and university web site name Open your eyes and update news collected you. You do not collect information. Can I help You send by message E_mail address send here or facebook page comment