Know before Bangladesh any bank exam system

June 19, 2016 6:52 am

What is bank: bank an organization authorized by a government to accept savings, pay interest, clear checks, make loans, act as an intermediary bank in financial transactions, and provide other economic services to its customers and all kind of people.

Question: what is level of bank recruitment exam held on. There are two type of bank exam 1. Multiple choice question (MCQ) and 2. Written Question, discuses two type exam system.

1.Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):
100 MCQ examinations are usually appointed by the bank. A total number of 100 questions. In the case of each question time is usually 1 hour, 36 seconds in the time available. Some banks, however, instead of 100 different numbers of 75/60/50 or have questions. Time and is different for each.

2. Written Questions: Written part of the value / number varies in different banks. However, generally ranging from 40 to 200 Marks of. Written part of the question is the following.
a) English Composition or easy
b) Mathematics
c) Translation and
d) Paragraph or letter
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Some banks, especially government banks, Bangladesh Bank and some other banks Bengali Abstract / saramar, Essay and from the Paragraph.

Question: Bank recruitment exam questions are taken from any source?:

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Deadline to submit a question in there. So if you have enough time before the Deadline of the English / Math Innovative Question of the case of Type try to create something new. Such questions are entirely new type of question because it is a completely new type. Facebook link: more question information here