Open University Post Graduated Diploma-In-Managements and (CIM)

July 18, 2014 2:45 pm

Bangladesh Open University post graduated diploma-in-managements program in certificated admission test level Number 1, and Semester 141. Bou University’s and school of business and posts graduated and Diploma-in-Management (PGDM) and Certificated-In-Managements (CIM) Every Candidate.

Candidates are apply the open university directed admission form submitted by Bou. Every candidate are apply date 16 July, 2014 to 14 August, 2014. You gat application form University regional center (R.R.C). Admission tests every applicant Saturday and Sunday Do not admitted or other day you can apply the admission form. Every application form money recited collected the flowing the Submit bank 50/-.

Minimum Education Qualifications:
1. Certificated-In-Managements (CIM): HSC and equivalent Exam Pass must be.
2. Post Graduated-Diploma-In-Management (PGDM): BA/B.S.S/B.S.C/B.Com or an equivalent Exam pass (equivalent said M.B.B.S/ Engineering /C.A/C.M.A Degree must be pass exam Only 9 points applicants can be apply in this admission). Only for Commerce Graduated applicant apply in 142 semester Directed 2 level admission test apply.

Exam Name Department and Devesion Greed Point and CGPA
Out of 5 Out of 4
1st 2nd 3th 4.50-5.00 3.50-4.49 Under 3.5 3.75-4.00 3.25-3.74 2.75-2.23 under 2.75
SSC 5 3 1 5 3 1
HSC 5 3 1 5 3 1
Graduated 7 5 2 7 6 5 3
Graduated (Pass) 6 4 1
MBBS/BDM/BSCEngeneering 7 7 5 2

You can More Information Get to call by office: 02-9291106, 01683302293, E-mail:
Bangladesh All Open University Regional Address: By the Flows:
Dhaka Regional Center:
4/Cho, Gov: Lalatory School Rood,
Dhanmondau, Dhaka-1205.

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Chittagong Regional Center:
C.R.B Rood, Chittagong.

Rajshahi Regional Center:
Nohata, Poba, Rajshahi
Moymonshing Regional Center:
Khulna Regional Center:
Roshnibag (Khulna University Near), Khulna :
Sellyet Regional Center:
Priouspur, south Shurma Sellyet.
Phone: 0821/719523
Barisal Regional Center:
Housing Agested, Ruptoli Barisal.
Phone: 0431/2176282
Rangpur Regional Center:
Bus Terminal near, Rangpur.
Phone: 0521/63593
Comilla Regional Center:
Durgapur, Comilla .
Phone: 081/77557
Bogra Regional Center:
Bishoroad, Banani, Bogra.
Phone: 051/62794
Jessore Regional Center:
Uposhore, Jessore.
Foruedpur Regional Center:
Horokandi, Foruedpur.
Phone: 0631/63228,62081

More Information:
1. Age For Point: Applicant age’s 10% Add.
2. Graduate every degree 1 point add
3. Admission Form Collected And Submitted Date: 16 July, 2014 to 14 August,2014
4. Published the qualified Applicant List: 18 August, 2014
5. Published the qualified Applicant List to admission: 19 August, 2014 to 28 August, 2014 and
6. Class Start: 29 August, 2014