Popula Games Name Football and World Cup 2014

June 6, 2014 7:15 pm

Of all Games football is the most favorite and popular. Now-a-days it is played all over, the world. The game of football is quite different from other games it is speedy. Fast and their link. Fifa World Cup Sung Them Is vary fine in this year.Football is the international games. It is also vary famous game it.

It gives delight of the players and spectators. The football is the game of the brave. It is a game of Encephalitic.
It is interesting game, so that is one of the outer games.
These go the rectory can enjoy a football in an open field or in a few reasons.

Fifa Cup 2014 resultinfo24.com

The Most important of thous it is time. The game is a fixed time and time duration 90 minutes. A football play is a enjoyably
play mater in open field or in a stadium. it lasted for one end a help hours no other game ends such a limited time.
It Lester and enjoyment as it gives a quiet result, i like it vary much.

Football is played in a large field. The field is 120 long and 80 years broad.
The game is played between two teams. each team has eleven players the reference convents the game.
The players and one goalkeeper two beaks.Three help backs and five forwards.The ball is placed at the center of the field. The referee lows a whistle and then the game stets.

2014 FIFA Football Final Germany VS Argentina, And Group Name(F-G), More Information Click Here, And final Match Date 13/07/2014

There are some hard and fast rules for conducting the game according the
rules the games is played. The players abide by these and show respect to the decision of the reference.
Football is an king of the game. Maradona, Janaden Jeadan, Leonal Macy, Kaka, and Roanaldyo is the gret footballer


The game of football teaches us obedience, discipline and co-operation, it also importance the health of a player and make him strong and hardy. It is a very Interesting game is conducive to health. it teaches us team spirit obedience, discipline and other qualities. So if is my Favorite and common game all over the
Bangladesh is also more advance in this game.

Group A  Point
Brazil  2
Croatia  1
Mexico  2
Caneroon  0
Group B
Spain  1
Netherlands, Chile  3,2
Auatralia  0
Group C
Colombia  3
Greece  1
Cota d’lvoire  1
Japan  0
Group D
Uruguay  2
Costa Rica  2
England  0
Italy  1
Group E
Switzerland  2
Ecuador  1
France  2
Honduras  0
Group F
Argentina  3
Bosnia and Herze  1
Iran  0
Nigeria  1
Group G
Germany  2
Portagal  1
Ghana  0
USA  1
Group H
Belgum  3
Algeria  1
Russia  0
Korea Repulic  0

Fifa World cup total step:
1. Group and point/ Round of 16
2. Quater Final
3. Semi-Final and
4. Final

Group and Round of 16 Every Group total are played are four match.Then Nock Out is very hard and easy play . Nock out system
is three system .
1. Quater Final
2. Semi-Final and
3. Final