Rajshahi University Admission Notice 2014-15|ru.ac.bd

August 30, 2014 3:22 pm

Rajshahi University for the academic year 2024-2015 1st year undergraduate / honors admission test application form through the company at the date of 27 August, 2014, 1: 00 pm the night of 14 September, 2014 1: 00 pm there will also be accepted. Ru total unites Eight every departments students held on MCQ Written exam.

Rajshahi University is total area more in other university. Ru total unites admission test held on MCQ written exam. Various departments’ admission exam system and total mark various so you careful the subjects mark handle. Unites A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.

Rajshahi University Admission Exam Result Published

A Unites RU: Rajshahi University A Unites manes Art departments. Exam held on 100 Marks and pass 40 mark, A units total four parts Ka Part (Language English and Bangle), Kha Part General Knowledge-1, Ga Part General Knowledge-2 and Gha Part English.

B Unites Ru: B Unites manes Low Departments taken on exam for MCQ (Multiple Chooses Question). Mark Distribution 100 and 80 marks MCQ and 20 mark written exam taken on exam.

C Unites Ru: C Unites Subject name Math, Physic, Chemistry, Stats-stack, Pharmacy, Population Science and Human Resource Developments. Three system takes in exam A Unites (Must Be) Physic and Chemistry (30+30)= 60 marks, B Unites (Optional ) Biology and Math (20+20)= 40 number, and C Unites (Optional) Math 40 numbers.

D Unites RU: Rejshahi University D unites Subject name Science, Humanities, Agro Machineries, Electrical Works and Maintenance, Electronic Control, Machine Tools Operations and Maintenance, General (MAD),Is1 Studies and Welding and Fabricate.

Ru Unites Of E: Economic, Political Science, Social Science, Libraries Managements and other subjects Held on MCQ exam held on but Economic departments total 200 mark in HSC You must be A- GPA counts. E unites for other departments no condition applies.

F unites for RU: F Unites can apply for Science section and Non-Science section students can be apply. Exam system same. S S C Art Science and Business Study apply this program.

G Unites Ru: G units total subjects five Agriculture experts, Animal visionary Sciences and Soil and Technology Section. 1. H S C Science Section students can be applying. 2. Art and Business Study Section H S C students can apply for Agriculture Science. 3 Agriculture Diploma Students for total points and Gpa 3.00 (Out of 4), and Tack on exam Biology Chemistry and English.

And H Units Information: Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Electronic Ensnaring, Information and Communications Engineering, and Materiel Science and Engineering Only apply Science Group Students