Shakib Al Hasan’s baby original photo update news

November 9, 2015 11:24 am

ImageShakib Al Hasan’s baby original photo update news. Shakib did fly over to see face the Sleeping Beauty. He was 11 at the Hotel Team. The second ODI against Zimbabwe discussed maneuver. But by the end of the meeting room, the news on his return to Shakib Al Hasan. Pregnant wife Umm Ahmed is at the time of delivery dew, pains and was admitted to the hospital.

Emirates flight for tomorrow night, 9 am to 5 minutes so that the United States leads to the fly. Zimbabwe is no longer available, so the remainder of the series. Bangladesh team management requested items, however, tried to go to matches to win the series. But later on, when he learned of the emergency situation in the United States again, he decided to leave as soon as possible.


He baby was born in the middle of the date of the accident, but it could be something like that was anomia. Shakib told me, when you’re young and there will be two or three days at the most. Then asabe-Jalal Yunus said.

Facebook itself, Shakib said, “Are waiting for Sleeping Beauty. That is going to be the daughter of his first child. Shakib parents see the United States face the king, and the country would be today if the player leads the team in Bangladesh has the highest one-day uiketasikari.