Education can help rural development in Bangladesh

By   May 28, 2015

Rural development in Bangladesh is a needful concern. If the rural development in Bangladesh is not properly achieved, real development will not be achieved in this country. Effective steps should be taken to develop rural areas of Bangladesh.

Education how can help to rural development

Bangladesh is mainly a land of villages. It has sixty thousand villages both big and small. About 80% of people live in these villages. These village are the main nerves of our country. No nation can grow and thrive depending only the towns and cities. Hence arises the question of rural development in Bangladesh.

Previous conditions of the villages: In the past people of the villages had a number of cattle, a lot Of fishes on the pond and barns of paddy. NOW this is a cock and bull story. The poet also composed poems about the peace and prosperity of the village. The village had no wants of cattle, vegetables, fruits or of any thing.

There were big ponds and lakes dug for the drinking water for the villagers. The blacksmiths, the fishermen, the weavers, the potters, the farmers helped one another though running their respective businesses. They needed to buy recipe, salt and sugar from the market. Then the Villagers or the rural people were, after all, happy.

Present condition: The present condition of these villages cannot be’ described. Those palmy days are no more in existence. Great wants for basic human rights like food, cloth, housing, education and medical treatment have become daily affairs.

rural development in Bangladesh

The villagers were the sources of peace and happiness but at present these Villages have become the main causes of chaos, conflict, quarrel, looting, kidnapping, exploitation etc. The village schools have so to speak been abolished. The number of students is not more.

Why village people flying to the towns

The villagers do not afford to bear the educational expense of their children. The villagers coming forward the towns and cities. The suffering of villagers are beyond description. The educated people are flying to the towns to seek jobs as there are no job facilities in the Village.

They are how becoming wage-earners. The present condition of all the villages in Bangladesh is really pathetic to describe. Tears role. down at the sight of the villagers sorrows and suffering. Want Of necessary education, idealism, promptness is responsible for the ruin of the village. get more information from wikipedia about rural development in Bangladesh.