Eid holidays are 6 days in Bangladesh from Eid al-Adha 2017

By   August 7, 2017

Good news for government officials and employees in Bangladesh. Eid holidays are 6 days in Bangladesh active from Eid al-Adha 2017. So, hope that all of the govt and non government employees must be happy to hear that news.

Eid holidays are 6 days in Bangladesh

The government has plans to make Eid holiday six days from now. It will be effective from the upcoming Eid al-Azha. At present, government employees get leave for three days. This initiative has been taken to increase the vacation time to reach the home of the workers at the Eid-ul-Fitr.

Meanwhile, a proposal to increase the Eid holiday was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office from the Ministry of Public Administration. If the proposal is approved by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, it will be presented in the cabinet meeting. This information was found in a government source.

The best news for Govt employee in Bangladesh for Eid holidays are 6 days

According to sources, if the proposal is approved, the Eid holiday will begin on Wednesday 30 August and end on Monday 4 September. However, weekly leave will be effective as Eid holiday. In all, government servants will get Eid holiday for six days. And for six days government, semi-government, autonomous, semi-autonomous institutions will be closed. And extra holidays of Eid will be deducted from the optional holidays.

Eid holidays are 6 days in Bangladesh

Senior Secretary of the Public Administration Ministry. Mozammel Haque Khan said a proposal to increase the Eid holiday considering the real context has been given at the higher level of the government. It will be presented in the highest forum only after the policy decision comes from there. If you get approval here, the holiday order will be issued. Otherwise, there will be holidays in the existing rules.

Most of the people are happy for Eid holidays are 6 days

He said, if the government decides to increase the leave, then the fixed leave of the year will remain. Extra holiday employees will be deducted from the optional holidays. This means that only the optional holidays will be adjusted for Eid holiday. The concerned people said, if all is well, the Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated on Saturday, September 2. Eid day and the day before, it is a weekly holiday. As a result, if there is a three-day Eid holiday in the existing rule, it is going to be two days after the weekly holiday.

Government servants do not get any extra leave. Workers will leave for office on Thursday Again Monday, the office will open on Sunday after the Eid. This will increase the pressure on roads, ferries, launches and trains together. There will be no end to human suffering.

Most of the people want Eid holidays are 6 days in Bangladesh

Even the rural roads are violin. Then it will be difficult for the administration to cope with so much pressure. The number of road accidents is also likely to increase. As a result, Eid holidays are being extended to reaching home without the workers.

It is known that the long-term demand of government employees to increase the Eid holiday In 2010, the Ministry of Public Administration made an offer of five days instead of three days for the Eid-ul-Fitr government holiday. Although later it was rejected. The Ministry of Public Administration created a proposal of the last Eid-ul-Fitr holiday for six days. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also agreed.

But at the same time, due to the budget session of parliament, the proposal to increase the leave was not effective. It has been proposed to increase the holiday due to the demands of the government employees and for the Eid so that the people who are able to travel smoothly to the people of the Eid. Currently the office-court is closed 159 days a year. There is a weekly holiday in 104 days. Other holidays are 55 day.



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