Record number of applicants apply 38th BCS in 2017

By   August 9, 2017

Record number of applicants apply 38th BCS in 2017. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) has set a record in the 38th BCS examination. This is the most popular application. There are still two days left for the application. In the meantime the number of applicants exceeds all other than.

Record number of applicants apply 38th BCS

PSC sources said, on Tuesday 8 o’clock in the record breaking of all records were submitted to 2, 60,000 applications. Prior to this, the record for the highest number of applications was in the 37th BCS. In the 37th, the number was 2,444 thousand.

PSC chairman Mohammad Sadiq said that the pace of all activities of the PSC has increased a lot. The number of recruits increased. So job seekers are encouraged to apply appropriately. Because of this, the number of applicants increasingly increasing the number of BCS exams.

How many applicants apply 38th BCS 2017

According to the PSC sources, the online application for the 38th BCS examination started from July 10. The application will be completed on 10th of this month. Accordingly, there are two more days left to end the appeal. More than one thousand applications were submitted on the first day. 2,860,000 applications have been submitted till 8 o’clock tonight.

The chairman said, the application of the 38th BCS has broken the record of all applicants in the examinations. Earlier, the number of the highest number of applicants was in the 37th BCS. The number has exceeded two days left. He thinks that there can be about 3 lakh applicants in the 38th BCS exam.

According to the PSC, preliminary examination of 38th BCS may be in the month of October.

It is to be noted that on June 20, for the recommendation of appointing 2,244 vacancies, the notification was issued by the 38th BCS (PSC). This time the first written test will be evaluated by the two examiners. More than 20 percent difference will be re-evaluated.

There are 300 posts in 38 BCS administration, 100 in police and 52 in the 17 general cadres, 549 in technical and professional cadre and 955 in the Education Cadre (Government General College and Government Teacher Training College).

From the 38th, the number of National ID card numbers has been compulsory in the online application. Apart from this, the history of Liberation War of Bangladesh is included in the syllabus of the written text of Bangladesh. And it will be asked in Bengali and English. Stay with us to get latest update news for 38th BCS in 2017.



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